We assure you are artists and craftsmen do such terrific job, that you won’t need the urge to return or exchange anything. Hence to save both, ourselves and yourselves the trouble, no return, no exchange! 

All of products are 100% custom tailored and we have a NO REFUND policy. However, our products are inspected thoroughly to ensure they are in a perfect condition, as we review the measurements provided on the basis of height, weight and individual's pictures to ensure a well fitted garment.

But in the unlikely case of event, if you have any problem/complaint/query regarding the garment, kindly call or whatsapp us on +91 83778 85705 or mail us at thecouturezilla@gmail.com . After our thorough consideration, if we find your issue to be tangible and you receive our approval through e-mail, return your good(s) to:

The Couturezilla 

A-228;, Shastri Nagar , Delhi .110052

(Note: Return policies are subject to change without notice.)